Third Eye Meditation mp3 Heal Enhance And Open Your Third Eye Chakra

Third Eye Meditation mp3 Heal Enhance And Open Your Third Eye Chakra Third Eye Meditation mp3 Heal Enhance And Open Your Third Eye ChakraThe third eye meditation mp3 has been developed specifically to help you heal up and strengthen your third eye or Ajna chakra. It is an incredibly important chakra for a number of reasons, not least of which it the fact that it governs your intuition. Using this special guided meditation will aid you in opening up those abilities.

If your intuition is off then you can easily find yourself in situations that can be harmful to you. Whether that harm be of a physical, emotional or mental nature is another matter. You have intuition for a reason. It is something that nature embues you with in order that you can pick up on subtle signals that are around.

These signals are processed through your mind and your unconscious and you make decisions based on the processes they go through. It’s like having the most advanced computer at your disposal. The fact is, it can only work with the programming you give it. So if the program is not doing its job effectively, you will fail to get the best results.

Ergo, when your intuition is off you fail to pick up on things effectively. Something which holds you back from achieving the best results in your life.

When your third eye chakra is working effectively your intuition does amazing things for you. It goes beyond just helping you to stay safe. It enables you to read the signals that open up amazing opportunities for you. Things that go unnoticed unless that you are tuned in in the right way. Yet when you are tuned in, led you to a point whereby you can massively improve your life through a simple decision. Good hey.

Beyond this it also governs your ability to see “the big picture”. When your third eye chakra is off, closed, or failing to function effectively, it becomes difficult to see everything. To get the depth of vision that helps you in life. Like looking at a jigsaw puzzle, if you only see each piece up close it is difficult to work out how they fit together.

When you have the ability to see the bigger picture you can effectively step back and see how everything fits together. The puzzle ceases to seem disconnected and actually takes on form. Enabling you to work out what goes where and what can yield you the greatest advantage fromo any situation.

You become able to fine tune things such that you or those you are choosing to help can gain greater good fortune from any outcome. Whether that is a salary negotiation, a new relationship, a family issue, anything. When you see how everything fits together you can shift and tune it so that greater benefit is felt by all, if you wish to that is.

You effectively become “luckier”!

Third Eye Chakra Meditation Third Eye Meditation mp3 Heal Enhance And Open Your Third Eye Chakra
The Third Eye meditation mp3 has been developed to help you heal, enhance and open your Third Eye Chakra. Enabling you to improve all associated abilities. 28 minutes 49 seconds.

Using this guided meditation mp3 in unison with the Solar Plexus and Heart meditations forms a very powerful, highly effective combination. When your Third Eye chakra is working at full effect, and your Heart Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra are too, you access opportunities at a very high level. With your heart in balance, your self-worth up where it should be and your will working to manifest effectively life takes on an amazing dimension. One where dreams become easy to access. They fall within far easier reach than they ever had been.

Third Eye Chakra Meditation mp3 Third Eye Meditation mp3 Heal Enhance And Open Your Third Eye ChakraGranted the highest level of opportunity opens up when all your chakras are in full effect. Healed, whole and efficient. Should you wish to work with all seven to achieve this then you will find yourself on an amazing journey.

So use the Third Eye meditation mp3. Heal and return your Ajna chakra to proper function and access the level of intuition and information that has been holding you back from truly enjoying your life. This guided meditation can truly help you to transform your life. Check out the other guided meditation mp3 tracks.


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