Om Chanting mp3 The Om Meditation: A Life Changing Mantra

Om Chanting mp3 The Om Meditation A Life Changing Mantra Om Chanting mp3 The Om Meditation: A Life Changing MantraThe Om chanting mp3 is your gateway to the Om meditation, here to help you attain an amazing spiritual high. The sound of the word Om carries the highest and purest of spiritual energies. An energy that lifts you high and clear of the hum drum of daily life. Way up into those beautiful clear heavenly skies you seek. All easily accessed through this specially crafted guided meditation.

The word itself is an ancient one that comes from one of the root languages of our world, Sanskrit. The root languages carry an extremely high energy when it comes to spiritual matters. Their usage, whether you fully comprehend their meaning or not, has the power to carry you away to amazing places on the spiritual plane.

That is exactly what you get with this guided track. Especially if you choose to chant along with it. By far the greatest power you gain from mantra meditating is when you interact with it fully, as is with most meditations.

So what exactly happens when you chant Om?

Well it shifts your energetic vibration. Everything has vibration. Everything operates on a set frequency. Though with the use of energy that frequency can be shifted. Energy can be added and applied in different ways as you know.

Usually we think of adding heat or electrical energy to change states of things. You add heat to boil water and create steam. Or turn on a light switch to run electricity through a light bulb and create light.

When meditating you can chant to shift your energy and your state.

The Om mantra raises your energy up high. Causing negative feelings and thoughts to be cast off and drop away. Something which aids you in attaining spiritual heights and happiness with great ease.

Whilst all this is in process the subtle frequencies of the mantra merge with your mind. Carrying it out beyond the realms you are used to. Bringing expansion and greater depth of universal understanding. Things which increase every time you use the track. Cumulating over time, carrying you further and further with each experience.

Out to a place of spiritual peace and understanding that has you finding a profound level of fulfilment.

Though you don’t just have to take my word for it.

“The utterance of Om consisting of the three letters A, U, and M covers the whole process of articulation. This sound represents the primal vibration from which all other sounds and creation emerge. It is considered that one who attains Om, merges with the Absolute. Scientific studies on Om suggest that the mental repetition of Om results in physiological alertness, increased sensitivity as well as synchronicity of certain biorhythms, and an increased sensitivity to sensory transmission.”

Read the rest on the website here

Pretty strong reasoning for doing Om meditation and using the mp3 track available here.

So invest in your expansion and psychological wellbeing now. Click on the “add to cart” button below, pay just $14.95 via paypal, then shift your state of being up a few gears with the chant.

Om carries the highest and purest of spiritual energies Om Chanting mp3 The Om Meditation: A Life Changing Mantra
The Om Chanting mp3 the beautiful easy way to ease yourself into Om Meditation. A meditation with amazing, proven health benefits, discover yourself now. 29 minutes 16 seconds.

Om carries the highest and purest of spiritual energies Om Chanting mp3 The Om Meditation: A Life Changing MantraFrom the moment you begin using this giuded meditation you will notice a beautiful difference in yourself. You awaken in ways that had likely not previously had not been considered. From there you transition into an amazing way of being. Especially if you are doing this on a regular basis!

So download and enjoy the Om Chanting mp3 The Om Meditation and feel your life changing as you experience it. This partners incredibly well with the mindfulness meditation if you are looking for a total life transition and overhaul. With the Calm mp3 it brings a profound feeling of fulfilment, contentment and understanding of the universe. Whilst with the Feel Good mp3 guided meditation it lifts you up into a state of positivity that is totally unrivalled. Combine all of them together and you have a massively powerful life resource! Check out the full selection of guided meditation mp3 tracks, or go back to Meditation mp3 front page.


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